The difference between a champagne glass and a red glass will tell you how to distinguish it after reading it.

- Feb 22, 2020-

The capacity of the wine glass, the thickness of the cup wall and the size of the cup mouth will have some subtle effects on the flavor of wine. The shape of the wine cup and the functional design with different sizes mainly consider the two points of enabling the wine to rotate in the cup and fully combine with the air and retain the aroma of the wine. Red wine cups generally have larger stomachs and smaller openings. The cup turned outward and the cup closed inward can make the wine flow to different parts of the tongue, thus making the wine body present different tastes. Therefore, according to the flavor difference of each wine, the cup design is also different. Usually, the opening and body of red wine glasses are larger, while the opening and body of white wine glasses are smaller. Because the degree of red wine is lower than that of white wine, you can drink more wine properly. In addition, when pouring red wine into the glass, you need to shake the wine liquid to make the wine contact with sufficient air to obtain better taste, which requires the glass to have enough space. How slender is the champagne cup The champagne cup has a slender body, like a slender tulip flower. Therefore, it is also called tulip cup, which is the standard cup type of wine. The champagne cup has a slender body, which allows enough room for the bubbles in the wine to rise. The bottom of a standard champagne cup is provided with a concave point, so that bubbles in the cup are richer and more attractive, and drinkers can fully appreciate the pleasure of continuously bubbling wine body in the cup, and at the same time, it is a great enjoyment to drink carefully when the wine slowly flows into the mouth. Champagne cups are also often used to hold ice wine, because the champagne cup has a smaller opening, so the aroma of ice wine is not easy to be emitted. Because sweet wine has high sugar content, people usually choose to drink it after meals, so the cups of sweet wine are designed with small openings and slightly inward, which can better highlight the aroma of wine. However, unlike a strong wine cup, which is usually turned outward on its opening, it can quickly emit pungent alcohol flavor.