The development of wine decanter

- Mar 28, 2018-

Since ancient times, the decanter has evolved continuously and there are three generations of products. The first-generation decanter is narrow and wide. This type of decanter is most common in the market. Red wine is poured into the bottle at about one-fifth of its height, making the contact area between the water surface and the air extremely large. Second generation The decanter has the taste of a weird test bottle in the laboratory. The bottle mouth is not in the center but on the side. The shape of the bottle is formed by a combination of two triangles. The principle is to make the contact area of red wine and air larger. The third-generation decanter has the taste of art and is similar to the first-generation decanter style. The difference is that the bottom of this decanter is wider, with a diameter of more than 20 cm at its widest point. In addition, a glass funnel is provided on the bottle to facilitate the pouring of red wine. The fundamental purpose of the evolution of the decanter is to maximize the contact area between the red wine and the air, and at the same time not to allow the wine to sneak away and remove the odor to preserve the original flavor of red wine and achieve the highest level of wine tasting. .