The development of fiberglass cloth

- Jan 01, 2021-

The characteristics of glass fiber cloth determine that it has a wide range of application and strong applicability, environmental protection, pollution-free, and a material with broad development prospects. It can be used for doors, windows and fans in the field of construction engineering, in addition to various decoration industries. Moreover, the application of glass fiber in the petrochemical industry is also very common, such as underground storage tanks. Because of its good insulation, it can be applied to various power transmission and transformation facilities, composite cable cores, glass lever towers, etc. At present, the broad application fields of glass fiber cloth and the corresponding fields are also developing rapidly. In addition, my country is now advocating the concept of low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly sustainable development, advocating technological innovation, and my country's glass fiber cloth is rising rapidly. In a good period of development, if you seize this great opportunity, strengthen product development and promotion, equipment production and technology update, glass fiber cloth will have a broad development market.