The classify of glass bottles

- Apr 27, 2018-

1. Small bottle. It is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of less than 20 mm, used for packaging liquid materials such as soft drinks, beer, etc.

2. Big mouth bottle. Bottles with an inner diameter of between 20-30mm have a shorter, shorter body, such as a milk bottle.

3. Wide mouth bottle. Also known as canned bottles, the neck and shoulders of the bottle with an inner diameter of more than 30mm are shorter, the bottle shoulders are flat, and most of them are cans or cups. Due to the large bottle opening, loading and discharging are easier, and are mostly used for packaging canned foods and viscous materials.

4. Round bottle. The round body of the bottle is the most widely used bottle type and has a high strength.

5. Square bottle. The cross section of the bottle is square. This bottle has a lower strength than a round bottle and is difficult to manufacture, so it is less used.

6. Curve-shaped bottle. Although the cross section is round, but in the height direction is a curve, there are two types of concave and convex, such as vase-style, gourd-style, etc., a new form, very popular with users.

7. Oval bottle. The cross section is elliptical, although the capacity is small, but the shape is unique, and the user also likes it.