The characterize of glass material

- Mar 21, 2018-

The glass material is characterized by being 100% recyclable and can be used both for its original purpose and for transformation and utilization. However, if it is not recycled, it will not only increase the load of the burying work, but also cannot be decomposed by the organism; if it enters the incinerator, it may also cause damage to the furnace body. Therefore, the recycling of glass bottles is particularly important.

Due to its strong barrier properties and high transparency, glass bottles are widely used as packaging containers for beer, beverages, condiments and cosmetics. The market for these glass bottles is a special market where new and old bottles coexist, and the majority of old bottles are used. The recycling of glass bottles has created the following social benefits: saving energy, reducing landfill of glass waste, reducing the opening of glass raw materials ore, and reducing exhaust emissions from the glass melting process. At present, glass recycling methods include: prototype reuse, remelting, raw materials recycling and transformation and utilization of four kinds.