Selection of Grape Wine Glass

- Feb 16, 2020-

Ounce (English is Ounce, abbreviated as oz) is used as the measurement unit for western wine utensils. The British and American units are different, with the English ounce being 28.41ml; US-made 1 ounce is 29.57ml. 16 ounces is equivalent to 1 pint. The International System of Units shall be implemented, and the capacity of wine utensils shall be expressed in milliliters. 30ml replaces the original capacity of 1 ounce. The following are common wine glass capacities: Sherry & port 2 ~ 3oz Liqueur) 1~1.5oz BrandySnifter) 3~8oz Cocktail) 2~4.5oz Sourcewine glasses (4.2 ~ 6oz) 4.5 ~ 6oz of champagne cocktail Cup OldFashioned) 6~8oz Goliath Cup or High Cup [Collins (ORTALLGLAS)] 10 ~ 12oz Cold drink cups [coolers] 15 ~ 16.5oz Highball) 6~10oz WaterGlass) 10~12oz Different wines need different wine utensils, which are described as follows: When drinking white wine with seafood, it should be cold and low temperature, so choose a cup with a smaller mouth. Red wine served with meat is suitable for entry at room temperature. You can choose a cup with a large opening. Champagne glasses are usually shallow-bellied, large-mouthed glasses. In this way, the aroma of the wine can be fully expressed, and the wine can be poured and drunk quickly. When drinking brandy, you must use a brandy cup with a big mouth. Only about one ounce is poured into the cup at a time. The glass is placed in the palm. Warm the wine with the heat of the palm. When drinking, shake the glass lightly, smell the bouquet with your nose, and then sip the fine wine. No matter what kind of wine you drink, it is suitable to use a tall glass in order to observe the liquor, show the color of the liquor and increase your interest in drinking. Wine goes with goblets, do you understand? I hope to learn more about wine and become a more elegant and life-loving person!