Scotch whisky

- Apr 09, 2018-

Originally produced in Scotland, it is made from barley malt that has been dried and peat-roasted to produce a unique flavor. The brewing process consists of six steps: soaking the barley to germinate, drying, crushing the malt, adding water into the saccharification into the trough, adding the yeast into the vat for fermentation, distilling twice, aging, and mixing.

Scotch whisky differs in raw materials, distillation, and aging methods used. It can be divided into four categories: Single Malt, Pure Malt, Blended, and Grain Whisky.

At least three years of storage in Scotland and 15 to 20 years as the best quality finished wine. Over 20 years, the quality will decline in style. The color will be brown with red, clear and bright, and the smell will be scorched with strong smoke.