Precautions when using sealed cans

- May 10, 2018-

1. When using this product from a microwave or oven, use kitchen gloves as much as possible to avoid burns.

2, please open the lid buckle when heating with microwave oven.

3, use in the oven, please remove the lid.

4, can be directly heated by open flame.

5, do not use knives, forks, spoons and other steel products on the product cut.

6. Do not use aluminum foil package for this product. The difference between high borosilicate glass and tempered glass raw material borosilicate glass color solid color transparent, abrasion resistance is still bright after washing many times, safety can withstand 120 °C The sudden change in temperature, the use of absolute safety high boron glass tempered glass silicon oxide. (commonly known as quartz sand) White or blue washed many times after washing, the surface will be worn, there is a danger of self-explosion of the finish (spontaneous explosion is the inherent characteristics of tempered glass).