Packaging bottle caps and development trends

- Jun 20, 2020-

In the face of the rich variety of beverages and alcohols on the market, their packaging has long become a bright spot to attract people's attention. Exquisite designs and chic bottle shapes have added a lot of color to them. Perhaps you have never noticed, in fact, the bottle cap-as a small link in the packaging, is also crucial for ensuring product quality and shaping product personality.  

As part of packaging, wine bottle caps have two main functions: one is sealing, which protects the wine. This is the basic function of bottle caps.

It is also easy for manufacturers to do; the second is aesthetics. As an integral part of packaging, small bottle caps can play a finishing touch.

At present, some manufacturers choose to emphasize on the bottle cap that their anti-counterfeiting effect is closely related to its technical content, but it is not the product itself that determines the role, but the national laws and regulations and consumer self-protection awareness.  

In recent years, the anti-counterfeiting of alcoholic products has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers. As part of packaging, the anti-counterfeiting function and production form of wine bottle caps are also diversified and advanced. Twist-off type, open type, can sing, speak, multiple anti-counterfeit wine bottle caps are widely used by manufacturers.  

Although the function of anti-counterfeit bottle caps is constantly changing, the materials used are mainly two types of aluminum and plastic.  

Looking at foreign wine packaging bottle caps, its characteristics are colorful and stable. Most of them use aluminum bottle caps, which are simple in shape and precise in production. The advanced printing technology makes them consistent in color and beautiful in design, giving people a refined and elegant feeling. The bottle cap style mostly adopts the traditional mode, with less changes. For example, the bottle cap of Scotch whiskey, the pure black with gold text, gives people a simple, elegant, and long-lasting enjoyment, and plays its due role as a logo.