Old age and mixing of whiskey

- Apr 17, 2018-

Distilled new wine must go through an aging process, make it through the aging of oak barrels, absorb the natural aroma of the plant, and produce a beautiful amber, but also gradually reduce the intense stimulation of high concentrations of alcohol. In Scotland, there are relevant laws and regulations to regulate the age of aging, that is, the age of each wine must be true. Scotch whisky must be stored in wooden barrels for at least three years before IPO. With such stringent measures, on the one hand, the rights of consumers can be protected, and whiskey produced in the Scottish region can be built in the world with a high quality image.

Due to the large variety of wheat and cereal materials, the whiskies produced have different flavors. At this time, the wine masters of each winery depend on their experience and the requirements of the brand's wine quality. , According to a certain proportion of whisky with their own unique blending of different flavors, so the mixing process and the content of each brand is considered to be absolutely confidential, and the quality of the mixed whisky is good or bad It was judged entirely by tasting experts and consumers.