Making of Red Wine Glass

- Feb 07, 2020-

The Difference Between Manual Blowing and Machine Blowing; Appearance difference: Machine-made products-basically, the products seen on the market are completely open-cut products, with single shape, fewer styles, heavier products, poor flow linearity, stiff transition at the junction of cup stand and bottom, but good consistency of product size specifications, no bubbles and water ripples, and poor firmness. Hand-blown products-Ming material products are supplemented by various decorations, with varied shapes, rich colors and styles, lighter products, good linearity of product flow, and obvious aesthetic feeling. The design of the product itself can keep up with the fashion trend of market consumption, can give consumers more choices, can meet personalized consumption claims to the greatest extent, has bubbles and water ripples, and has good firmness. Handmade, there will be fine stripes and a few bubbles, black and white dots of melted materials and fine differences in decoration. The existence of bubbles and stripes is also one of the important differences between artificial and machine-made glass technology, and is also a strong evidence for collectors to identify whether there is collection value. Production process difference: Machine-made products-machine production lines produce relatively high output. Usually, a medium production line can produce tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of machines per day, but it does not contain any manual skills. Hand blown products-each production link of each product is completed manually, with low output. usually, each production team produces hundreds of products per day, but each product contains the unique skills and meticulous work of the craftsman. Value difference: Mechanism products-low value, more satisfy the use function of consumers, lack of appreciation. Hand blown products-high value, in addition to basic use functions, add a lot of pride, elegance and special life interest in the process of use. Market differences: Mechanism products-mainly targeted at mass consumption occasions with low prices. Hand-blown products-mainly for family consumption occasions, especially by the widespread pursuit of personalized consumption, fashion consumption groups are keen.