Maintenance of Red Wine Glass

- Feb 14, 2020-

In the process of daily maintenance, attention should be paid to clean the glass, and do not leave any stains or water marks. Wipe the glass clean with clean fine silk before drinking. After drinking, the glass should be cleaned on the same day. Red wine glasses are fragile and high-grade crystal glasses are even more expensive. Therefore, they cannot be mixed with tableware such as ceramic utensils, knives and forks. I also do not recommend washing with dishwashers. Some luxurious kitchens in domestic families will have such dishwashers, but they are not as good as those specially designed for washing wine glasses abroad. Therefore, it is better to wash by hand. First soak in hot water, then rinse with distilled water and wipe dry with pure cotton cloth. In addition, the red wine glasses should be cleaned immediately after use. When washing, you can also wash it with mild detergent first, then wash it with hot water, and finally dry it with dry cloth without cotton wool. It is best to hang it upside down on the cup holder or put the cup mouth up to avoid accumulation of some peculiar smell, and then store it in the wine cabinet. Note that you must hold the cup body and not the cup foot when washing the cup. Remember not to turn the glass upside down on paper products, the smell of paper pulp has certain influence on taste. The wine glasses placed on the cabinet rack for a long time are easy to be stained with dust and rosin or wood smell. Before use, wipe them with cloth stained with sodium bicarbonate or borax, and then wash them with water. Can be seen, a glass of red wine from the beginning to the end is very exquisite, depends on how you pay attention to. Correct posture for washing wine glasses: red wine glasses are usually fragile, so when washing wine glasses, you must hold the cup body and not hold the cup foot with only your hand, otherwise, with a slight turn, the valuable crystal glass will be easily broken.