liquor glass a variety of

- Sep 04, 2017-

Wine with a good cup, the concept of consumers in the general is not profound, even if the conditions of consumption, do not necessarily understand the doorway. Good cups are not just for the sake of beauty, and even the quality of the wine. Once in the tasting of a white wine, liquor glass some comment on the wine to the wine to the very low, for the cup, some experts comment, "This wine is just a lot better than that section of wine, compact structure, liquor glass continuity The same wine in a different cup, but "cheat" had a professional evaluation of wine division, come to a different conclusion.

Most people are afraid to prepare a number of glasses trouble or limited conditions, are a cup of all killed red wine, white wine, champagne, sparkling wine, in fact, wine and cup with, you can pondering the space is great.

According to the different grape varieties, liquor glass wine has different categories, the cup of the distinction is quite fine. "Wine tasting, generally need three or four kinds of categories. A white wine glass, a red wine glass, a champagne, sparkling glass or glass of wine. Even red wine, will be separated from the slight opening Burgundy Cup and Cup full of smooth Bordeaux Cup Burgundy glass open, is to smell the incense let the nose into the body, appreciate the second and third layer of wine. Burgundy region of the wine fruit Acid is stronger than Bordeaux, the body into the first half of the tongue, can quickly and effectively alleviate the feelings of acid, and tannin strong wine is more suitable for Bordeaux cup.

The wine glass covers the appreciation and appreciation of the wine. Different wine, covered the richness is different, red wine is generally more complex and richer, and white wine is more clear. Red wine structure is relatively heavy, you need a larger area to sober and shake, so that more atmosphere emerge out. White wine wine single, pure, glass does not need too much area. In addition, when the white wine to drink low temperature, small cups warming speed is relatively slow, each time the wine is relatively less, liquor glass to finish as soon as possible, to maintain the temperature. Drink fresh, shallow years of white wine and aged thick white wine with a cup and a difference.

Flute-shaped champagne cup, cup body slender, wine bubbles are not easy to disperse, so that more delicious champagne. Be able to drink slowly and sip and enjoy the fun of wine in the cup. Wine only to the cup 1/5 to 1/3, and champagne can be down to 2/3 position, because the champagne bubble long, long cup easy to watch bubbles.

Have special reminders, do not superstitious international standard glass of wine. This kind of standard wine glass height, shape is a fold and stack of all the glasses. In the case of conditions, can be used to tasting white wine, red wine, champagne, cognac, liquor glass to make a simple and pertinent judgments. But "million gold oil" type of glass, for all the wine are applicable, but they can not fully show the advantages of wine. "It is just a professional tool that does not advocate the use, especially the winery, to be equipped with all the cups to give consumers the best presentation."

Cup variety, has repeatedly that the crystal cup is more crystal clear than the glass, light transmittance, higher refractive index, the sound is also more crisp and long. "The texture of the cup, liquor glass craft, thickness of the great impact on the taste." Crystal cup thinner the better, but difficult to maintain tough. Such as the Austrian brand Lido, let the wine division who love and hate, very thin body, but gently pinch can be broken. "Crystal content is not the higher the better, too high crystal content, in fact, liquor glass will reduce the light transmission. Environmental protection does not lead, but now the crystal cup lead is safe, completely lead-free technology is not easy to achieve.

  Choose the glass to see the overall crystal clear crystal, but also depends on the cup legs to pick up comfortable, not the top-heavy or head light heavy. Followed by the echo is long, crisp, belly bigger cup reflects the longer echo, small volume is more crisp sound Fast pull the cup, a crisp sound, liquor glass or wet your fingers, along the cup along the rotation, buzzing resonance, these two methods can be simple and effective test of the cup of crystal content and process quality, the glass is not Will make such a voice.

Wine cup cups are thin, no incision, liquor glass the wine can flow out directly. There are prominent cups along the mouth, will slow down the speed of the wine out, only suitable for drinking wine. The size of the cup cup with the stability of the cup, the balance of the tall cup for large cups, the overall harmony.