Is the crystal cup made of crystal? How to distinguish between a crystal glass and a glass?

- Mar 20, 2020-

As the saying goes, if you want to be good, you must first sharpen your weapon, and so is drinking red wine. A sophisticated set of wine can make your grape wine icing on the cake, but how to choose a set that suits you? In general, a set of wine glasses, wine decanters, corkscrew, vacuum stoppers and ice buckets is enough to satisfy your taste of red wine at home. Among all these commonly used winewares, the purchase of wine glasses is a headache, because the shapes and materials of wine glasses are different, and the prices are much different. Many people don't know how to choose, and they are dazzled by the multitude of wine glasses.

For red wine enthusiasts, the red wine glass is still very fine. There are special red wine glasses, special white wine glasses, and special champagne glasses, sweet wine glasses and enhanced wine glasses. Red wine glasses are also divided into Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses. Inside the sparkling wine glass, it is divided into flute type tulip type and butterfly type. These wine glasses vary in height and weight, and the only thing in common is that they all have long legs. We call them glass handles. He connected the cup body and the cup feet. When drinking, he should hold the cup handle to prevent the temperature of the hand from being transmitted to the wine, which will cause the temperature to affect the taste.

"Grape wine night light cup, urged to drink pipa immediately" When the ancients drank wine, they knew how to add a pair of night light cups to improve the mood of drinking. Why do you have so many tricks to take a sip of wine? In addition to the crystal clearness, elegant curves and visual beauty of these cups, their shape design is of practical significance. The main purpose is to increase the color and aroma and taste to stimulate the various senses of the drinker. Perfect drinking experience. For example, the Bordeaux cup has an elegant curved shape and a moderate mouth size, which is suitable for full-bodied wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, while the Burgundy cup has a large belly and is suitable for serving. The lighter, fruitier wines made with Pinot Noir are tightened, which helps to gather the aroma. The D-shaped glass is used to hold champagne or sparkling wine, which is good for watching slowly rising bubbles.

In short, each wine has a corresponding cup shape, and we can purchase several types of cups according to the type of wine that is often consumed. My own configuration is six Bordeaux glasses, two Burgundy glasses, two white wine glasses, and two flute-shaped champagne glasses. I think they are enough. If you buy Bordeaux and Burgundy cups, we recommend buying a 500ml capacity, because this type of cup pours the wine to 1/3, which is exactly the amount of healthy drinking a day for an adult, and the cup is spacious It is conducive to full contact with oxygen and releases a richer aroma.

Another consideration when buying a cup is how to choose the material of the cup. Generally there are two kinds of cups on the market, one is ordinary glass and the other is called crystal. The feet of ordinary glass are thick, the edge of the cup mouth will be reinforced, not so beautiful, the transparency is slightly poor, the hardness is not high, it is more fragile, but the price is cheap. The so-called crystal is actually not a real crystal, but a glass with a thousand-fold mentality and other substances that can enhance the strength, transparency and refractive index of the glass. The wall of the glass can be made very thin, which not only allows people to better appreciate the color and texture of the wine, but also makes the sound more crisp and pleasant when touching the glass.

Some people worry that leaded glasses will have an impact on health. In fact, there is no problem if wine is served for a short time. If you are still worried, you can buy a lead-free crystal glass. For experienced drinkers, pinch the wall of the cup near the mouth with your thumb and forefinger, and then push it outward. You can judge the glass by listening to the sound Material. This crystal cup is undoubtedly the best container for your wine tasting, but it is slightly more expensive. We can use this crystal-proof glass, and thank one person, that is, Mr. Daniel Swarovski. Is the name familiar? That's right. He is the inventor of this leaded glass and the founder of the jewelry accessories company Swarovski. For those who love fine wine, matching a beautiful set of crystal glasses with red wine is not like matching a beautiful jewelry with a beautiful woman, but what? Although the combination of wine and wine glasses is so particular, it doesn't have to be too deliberate. A suitable exquisite glass can set off for a long time, but it can never turn poor wine into good wine, so it does n’t matter if we do n’t have the best wine glasses on hand With a goblet, we can also drink comfortably and comfortably. Isn't it?