Is safety glass really safe

- May 29, 2020-

Nowadays, people's environmental awareness and safety awareness are getting stronger and stronger, and materials like safety glass are becoming more and more popular. But there are still many people wondering, is that safety glass really "safe"? Today, let's take a closer look with Xiaobo. I believe you will not be disappointed!

1. Purchase safety glass and look at the "3C" logo

    When purchasing tempered glass products, consumers should purchase products with outer packaging, marked with brand, factory site and certificate of conformity. Products without outer packaging should not be purchased as much as possible. Focus on checking whether the tempered glass has the "3C" logo. National regulations require that the tempered glass have a 3C mark. 3C certification is the abbreviation of China's mandatory product certification. This mark is directly burned on the glass during the tempering process of the tempered glass.

Second, the scope of use of safety glass

    The use of glass in home improvement should also pay attention to safety. It is better to have a frame around the glass brick partition or connect it to the wall, and the 5 cm thick glass wall should be framed. In addition to the ordinary glass on the wooden door, tempered glass is recommended elsewhere, and the partitions are best framed to fix, otherwise it is easy to deform; it is good to wrap the glass with corner film, otherwise it will touch the edge At the corners, even tempered glass can be easily broken, which is not safe.

    Art glass is mostly used for toning or complementary colors, and it plays a role in lighting up the space. In addition, the glass material itself gives a cool and crisp feeling, so it is recommended that it is only a starting point in home decoration, but if the owner likes the glass material very much , You can also consider the large-scale use of art glass. Although glass can be seen everywhere in home decoration, large-scale use must also consider the owner's preferences and room layout needs. If there are children in the house, do not use separate glass partitions for frame treatment.

3. Safety glass installation precautions

    1. During the transportation process, it is necessary to pay attention to fixing and adding soft pads. The driving of the vehicle should also be kept stable and moderate to slow to prevent the glass from being damaged.

    2. The use of glass should be matched with the design style of the entire home improvement. For example, stained glass is generally used in European and French home improvement styles, and transparent glass is mostly used in modern home improvement styles.

    3. Try to avoid using it in direct sunlight, because the glass is strongly reflected, which is not good for the body.

    4. The place where the glass is used should pay attention to ensuring privacy, and consider the supporting facilities of the glass, such as sand curtains, stickers and other shelters.

    5. If there are elderly people and children in the house, it is recommended to put a decorative strip or film on the middle section of the glass wall to prevent the elderly or children from hitting the glass wall or door, causing injuries.