Is leaded crystal glass harmful to human body?

- Oct 02, 2020-

Crystal glass refers to a vessel made by melting glass to create a crystal-like shape. It is also called artificial crystal. Due to the scarcity of natural crystal and the difficulty of mining, it cannot meet people's needs. Artificial crystal glass was born. Because of its high transparency, it can be made into various crafts and is very popular. But did you know that leaded crystal glass is harmful to humans? Let's take a look with the editor of Baibai Safety Net!

Because the color, texture and gloss of ordinary glass are not ideal. The addition of lead to the glass can greatly improve the refractive index of the glass. It looks like it is made of crystal, so it is called crystal glass. Some decorative ornaments, crystal glasses, crystal lamps, etc. are made of lead Made of glass.

Lead can enhance the refractive index of transparent objects, so it is often used in the production of crystal glass and pearlescent buttons. Such utensils can be used for viewing and display, but if used to hold food, especially acidic or alkaline food, lead will slowly dissolve and enter the human body through the food, causing great harm to the human body.

Those containing 24% lead or above are called full lead crystals, and those below 24% are called lead crystals. The advantages of adding lead are heavier, textured, more transparent, clear and bright; the disadvantages are softer and easy to wear flowers, so it is not necessarily more lead. However, modern people pay more and more attention to the concept of environmental protection, so that the production of crystal glass has also infiltrated environmental protection elements. The newly launched lead-free and barium-free crystal glass is extremely flexible and particularly crystal clear, and its safety level is twice that of ordinary crystal glass.

Buying crystal glass tableware can distinguish glass, leaded crystal glass and lead-free crystal glass by sound, feel and appearance. Ordinary glass products have a dull color, poor refractive index, rough workmanship, poor feel, and even bubbles in some places, and the sound is dull when tapped lightly. Compared with ordinary glass products, crystal glass products have bright color, strong refractive index, exquisite workmanship, and good feel. They look like made of crystal, and there is a crisp metal sound when tapped gently. Leaded crystal glass products are slightly thicker than lead-free crystal glass products.