How to use chemical method to produce frosted glass

- May 30, 2020-

The process of producing frosted glass by chemical method, the process is:

(1) Washing and drying: The flat glass that produces frosted glass is mainly washed with water to remove dust and stains, and then dried;

(2) Hoisting: Put the cleaned and dried flat glass on the hoisting frame, the part where the hoisting frame and the glass contact is filled with toothed rubber brackets, it is vertical discharge, and the glass and glass are separated by a certain distance, Lift it with a crane;

(3) Corrosion: Use a crane to immerse the flat glass together with the hanger into the corrosion box. Use a conventional corrosion solution to immerse the glass. The corrosion time is 5-10 minutes. After being lifted by the crane, the residual liquid is dripped out;

(4) Softening: After draining the residual liquid, a layer of residue is attached to the frosted glass, and it is softened in a softening box. The conventional softening liquid is used to immerse the glass. The softening time is 1 to 2 minutes to remove the residue;

(5) Cleaning: Because the corrosion and softening make the frosted glass body contain many chemicals, it is necessary to clean it. Put the frosted u-shaped glass design and put the glass on the slide of the washing machine. The slide will bring the frosted glass into the washing machine. While spraying fresh water, turn the brush. When the frosted glass is taken out of the washing machine by the washing machine slide, the frosted glass is cleaned;

(6) The cleaned frosted glass is put into the drying room for drying, which becomes single-sided or double-sided frosted glass.

The surface of the frosted glass is rough, causing diffuse reflection of light and not perspective: the light is reflected through the frosted glass and then is emitted in all directions (because the surface of the frosted glass is not a smooth plane, so that the light produces diffuse reflection), refracted on the retina It's already an incomplete image, so you can't see what's behind the glass. It can soften the indoor light without being dazzling.