How to separate bonus glasses, cocktail glasses, champagne glasses and other glasses?

- Feb 20, 2020-

1. Bordeaux Cup Bordeaux Cup is suitable for most French-made Bordeaux red wines. Because of the high acidity and astringency of the wine, the tulip cup shape with long cup length and curved cup wall is required, the cup body is longer and the cup wall is not vertical, because the radian of the cup wall can effectively adjust the diffusion direction of the wine at the entrance. The wider cup mouth can make the wine body fully contact with the air, so that drinkers can better feel the gradual aroma of Bordeaux wine. 2. Burgundy Cup Burgundy Cup is suitable for tasting red Burgundy wine with rich fruity taste. Because the spherical shape of its large belly can just guide wine to diffuse from the tip of the tongue and realize the full blend of fruity and sour taste; The inward narrowing of the cup can better condense the potential bouquet of Burgundy red wine. 3. Champagne Cup Champagne Cup is suitable for all sparkling wines. Its prominent feature is that the cup body is slender, leaving enough room for bubbles to rise. The bottom of a standard champagne cup will have a sharp point, which can enrich and beautify bubbles. Ice wine can also be tasted in champagne cups. 4. The smaller body of the sweet wine cup is suitable for matching with sweet wine such as sweet white, port wine and sherry. The everted cup mouth gathers the wine taste well on the tip of the tongue, giving full play to the sweetness of the fruit taste. 5. The cocktail glass has a slender handle at the bottom and a regular triangle or trapezoid at the top. It is a special glass for short drinks. Its unique shape is pregnant with ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, making the life at home give off the fragrance of cocktails. Most of them are made of glass.