How to judge the quality of a wine glass

- Apr 02, 2020-

A good wine glass has the following points!

The appearance of the cup should be flat, smooth and uniform, and the neck of the cup should be seam or seamless. smooth.

The material of wine glass is divided into glass or crystal, and the glass body should be colorless and transparent. Do not choose wine glasses with carved or other colors, so as to prevent us from making wrong judgments about the color and color of wine.

When we choose a cup, because we choose a crystal cup, the crystal cup is much stronger than the glass cup. The international hardness standard is used to measure them. The hardness of the glass is 5.5-6, and the crystal is 7, so the crystal is more wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.

Be resistant to cleaning, ordinary glass cups are prone to wear during the washing process, and many of us call it washing. And good cups should compete with at least 500 rounds of high-strength alkaline detergents.

Compared with cups of the same grade, the thinner the cup, the better, the clearer the better, and the smoother the mouth of the cup.

选择 When choosing a wine glass, we can hold the edge of the glass with your index finger and thumb, and lift it up to hear if its sound is crisp and long. The sound of a poor wine glass is usually dull

搭配 Pairing wine with wine glasses!

1. Red wine pairing: Tulip-type goblet, Bordeaux-type goblet, Burgundy-type goblet

Reasons for matching with tulip type: If the glass has a large volume, the wine can breathe freely. If the glass is narrowed slightly, the wine will not splash when the liquid shakes, and the aroma can be concentrated on the glass, which makes it easier to smell.

Reason for pairing with high feet: When holding the cup, you can pinch the stem of the cup with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and your hand will not touch the cup body. Avoid the temperature of the hand affecting the best drinking temperature of the wine.

2. White wine pairing: small tulip-shaped goblet

Reasons for small tulip glass: White wine should be cold when drinking. Once white wine is poured from a refrigerated bottle into a wine glass, the temperature will rise rapidly. In order to keep the temperature low, less wine should be poured into the glass each time. , You have to pour more times to taste the best taste.

3. Champagne (sparkling wine) Pairing: Slim champagne glass or open glass

Collocation reason: In order to make the golden beautiful bubbles in the wine rise longer, the line rising from the lower part of the cup to the top of the cup is longer, which makes people appreciate and reverie.

4. Cognac match: Tulip ball cup