How to hold a red wine cup

- Feb 12, 2020-

1. The glass for white wine and champagne is a goblet. When drinking, hold the lower part of the cup foot without touching the cup body, because white wine and champagne are usually frozen when drinking, and the temperature of the hand will make it warm. When toasting, you can firmly hold the foot of the cup with your thumb, ring finger and little finger, hold the cup foot with your middle finger, and lightly lap your index finger at the joint between the cup foot and the cup. Keep your fingers as straight as possible to show the graceful curve of your hands. The cup for holding red wine has a shorter cup foot and a larger cup body. You can clamp the cup corner with your index finger and middle finger. It is inappropriate to hold the cup close to the cup body when drinking. The temperature of your hand affects the taste of red wine. When tasting brandy, one should hold the cup with one's hand so that the bouquet can be better distributed. When toasting and clinking cups, when your cup body is lower than the general plan, you show respect to the other party. When drinking, one should never drink with one's breath. Instead, one should tilt one's glass as if one were putting wine on one's tongue. Gently shake the glass to let the wine contact with the air to increase the mellow taste of the wine, but do not shake the glass violently. There should be a small amount of surplus at the bottom of the cup and it should not be drunk at one gulp. 2. For ordinary Chinese glass cups, care should be taken not to encircle the cup with the whole hand, but to pinch the cup with the thumb and forefinger at half of its height and clamp the cup at the mouth of the tiger. The other three fingers are naturally relaxed and cannot be held too close, especially when holding the cup for others, as bacteria from the fingers will contaminate the mouth of the cup, which is very unhygienic. If you want to propose a toast to others, hold the cup with your right hand and gently hold your left finger at the bottom of the cup to show respect. 3. There is no special way to hold a Chinese cup or cup, but when drinking with this kind of vessel, you must fill it up and drink it off, contrary to the requirements of western drinking.