How to distinguish between crystal glass and glass?

- May 17, 2020-

Crystal glasses are brighter than glasses

The crystal cup has glossiness. Rotate the crystal cup under the light, you will see the bright seven-color light, which has a great relationship with the crystal material. The composition of titanium, zinc and other elements makes it higher. Refractive index and transparency. For the glass, it is generally not shiny.

Cool crystal cup

When you buy a cup, you generally consider the feel of the cup. How does it feel when you pick up the crystal and glass at the same time? If you compare it, you will find that the hand touching the crystal cup will feel a little cooler. Yes, crystal glasses are cooler than glass glasses because crystal has a stronger thermal conductivity than glass.

Is it true that crystal can scratch the glass

We occasionally hear crystals scratching the glass. Is this true? This phenomenon does exist. Because the hardness of crystal is stronger than that of glass, professional data shows that the hardness of crystal reaches 7, while the hardness of glass is only 5.

Identify by sound

Tap lightly on the cup, you will hear a dull click, then this cup must be an ordinary glass, when you hear the crisp metal sound and accompanied by the aftertone echo, this cup is our favorite crystal cup.

The same size cups have different weights

Although the size of the crystal glass and the glass are the same, when you put it in your hand, you will find that the crystal glass is relatively heavier than the glass.

We have compared crystal glasses and glass glasses from different angles for everyone. I believe that you can find satisfactory cups through these different methods when buying cups!