How to distinguish between crystal and glass

- May 11, 2020-

A. Listen to the sound

The sound you hear when you hit the vessel with your hand will be different. The crystal product sound is crisp, and there will be a lingering aftertaste like a metal. There is an echo; while the glass product is dull without echo.

B. Weighing weight

Two items of the same size are heavier in crystal than glass. Because crystal usually contains lead, the proportion of lead in metal elements is very high. The specific gravity of lead glass is 3.17g / cm3 and glass is 2.17g / cm3. The lead-free crystal is also heavier than glass due to the addition of zirconium and titanium.

C, look at the refractive power

Under the same light, the refractive index of crystal products is higher than that of glass. Crystal can refract colorful light, and the light transmittance reaches more than 90%, while the light transmittance of glass is not high.

D, high hardness

The hardness of crystal is higher than that of glass, mainly because the density of crystal is finer, such as the pores on the surface of human skin, the finer and tighter the higher. Crystal and glass are scratched, there is no trace of crystal, and the glass will be scratched.

E. Observed under a microscope, the surface of the crystal is more uneven than glass, which is why the use of crystal glasses is more hung than drinking glasses of red wine. When we taste wine with a goblet, we will gently circle and shake the glass, and the red wine will slowly flow down the wall. The quality of the wine can be better identified by hanging the cup.

In the same environment, the cool feeling of holding the crystal lasts. Holding the glass quickly became warm.