Glassware for Wine

- Feb 13, 2020-

Like the tea ceremony, professional tea sets can give full play to the fragrance of tea leaves. The same is true for wine tasting. A good wine cup can elevate the level of wine tasting. The shape of the glass can determine the flow direction of the wine and the intensity of its bouquet. When the wine cup is pushed close to the lips, the taste buds begin to be on full alert, and when the flow direction of the wine is guided to the appropriate taste sensing area, different tastes are also generated. When the tongue comes into contact with wine, three kinds of information will be released immediately, namely: temperature, texture and flavor of wine ... when eating western food, there will be several cups, large and small, in front of you, which are actually equipped for drinking different kinds of wine. Drinking red wine requires a glass with a larger belly, because red wine needs to be in contact with oxygen in order for wine aroma to be completely released. If it is aged red wine, it is even more necessary to use a large cup, which can quickly disperse the stale smell stored all the year round and avoid interfering with the mellow taste of the wine. The cup, belly and mouth of the white wine cup are small, so that the aroma of the wine can be gathered easily, and the aroma will not dissipate too quickly. Slender cups are used to drink champagne, and you can enjoy the process of bubbles rising slowly. Big cups have no such "beauty". For sweet wine, it is best to choose a cup with its opening like petals, so that when drinking, the wine can flow directly to the sweet area on the tip of the tongue. In addition, the shape of the wine cup also determines the first contact point when the wine enters. For wines with higher acidity, tulip cup-shaped wine glasses should be selected. The cup mouth can make the wine flow through the sweet taste area on the tip of the tongue to highlight its fruity taste and balance the originally higher acidity. When tasting wine with heavy fruit flavor and low acidity, you can use a glass with a large opening to let the wine flow to the middle of the tongue and then spread to all sides, making the fruit flavor and fruit acid produce a harmonious feeling. Red wine glasses with different shapes and radians have great difference and influence on the aroma and taste of wine, which often surprises wine lovers who have just entered this channel. Generally speaking, grape varieties are different from wine and producing areas, and their aroma, fruit flavor, acidity, tannin and alcohol content are also very different. The wine cup will not change the nature of the wine, however, the shape of the wine cup can determine the flow direction, smell, quality and intensity of the wine, thus affecting the aroma, taste, balance and aftertaste of the wine. Therefore, through the guide of the cup body shape, wine can flow into the appropriate taste area of the tongue (the tongue has 4 different taste areas, the tip of the tongue is the most sensitive to sweet taste, the back of the tongue is the most sensitive to bitter taste, while the inside and outside of the tongue are the most sensitive to acid and salty respectively), thus determining the final presentation of wine structure and flavor.