Glass Storage Jar Excellent structural performance

- Sep 04, 2017-

Fiberglass molding process for the spray winding forming, Glass Storage Jar in our tank production process for the advanced glass steel molding process, "spray lining process" can be understood as spray gun technology to make FRP winding container lining molding process. "Lining" is the FRP winding container lining, Glass Storage Jar from the structure is divided into lining layer and the transition layer, mainly play the role of anti-corrosion seepage.

FRP container structure by the anti-corrosion lining lining, reinforced structure layer, the appearance of anti-aging layer composition. To ensure that both good resistance to medium corrosion, but also has sufficient physical and mechanical properties to meet the dress requirements. Glass Storage Jar The use of glass fiber high tension, multi-level, multi-angle, wrapped head winding to meet the organic, inorganic solvents and chemical and electrochemical corrosive media storage, transit and production needs to meet the non-electrolyte fluid transit, The need to meet the various types of support shear and buried and load mechanical requirements. Glass Storage Jar Design flexibility, container wall structure performance.

Fiberglass-wrapped FRP can adjust the physical and chemical properties of tanks, towers, etc. by changing the resin system or reinforcing material to suit the needs of different media and working conditions. Glass Storage Jar Through the structure layer thickness, winding angle and wall thickness structure design to adjust the carrying capacity of the tank to adapt to different pressure levels, volume size, and some special performance of the FRP tank, Glass Storage Jar the need for tower, is isotropic metal Material can not be compared with it.

Corrosion resistance, anti-leakage, good weather resistance. Glass Storage Jar FRP has a special corrosion resistance, in the storage of corrosive media, glass fiber reinforced with other materials can not match the superiority, can withstand a variety of acid, alkali, Glass Storage Jar salt and organic solvents, we can see the application of glass fiber is very common, but The quality of glass fiber reinforced plastic products is dependent on raw materials, construction technology and other factors. Glass Storage Jar FRP spray technology as a new domestic mechanized production process is a great advantage.

1, the production efficiency is 4-8 times higher than the hand layup.

2, product integrity is good, Glass Storage Jar no seams, high shear strength between layers, high resin content, corrosion resistance, good resistance to leakage.

3, can reduce the flash, cut cloth and the remaining glue consumption.

4, product size, shape is not restricted.

5, the jet can make the catalyst and resin before spraying in the hydraulic pressure in the nozzle evenly mixed, Glass Storage Jar so when the jet without compressed air leakage, jet air pollution less.