glass storage container No metal composition

- Sep 04, 2017-

Condiments are generally processed products that are acidic or alkaline, glass storage container so if they are placed in metal utensils for a long period of time, it is easy to erode the metal and cause the taste of the seasoning to change. While the stainless steel container spices, glass storage container although durable, but a long time filled with strong acid and other corrosive objects, prone to electrolyte reaction, the material will fall off the phenomenon. This fall off the material into the spices into the human body, easy to cause damage to the human liver, severe and even the risk of liver cancer.

There are some families like to use the beverage bottle or mineral water bottled oil sauce, in fact, this is even worse. The main raw material for the production of beverage bottles is polypropylene plastic, non-toxic and harmless, for the consumption of soft drinks Coke-type drinks on the human body without adverse effects; but because the plastic bottle still contains a small amount of ethylene monomer, if long-term storage of wine, Organic matter, it will occur chemical reaction. Long-term consumption of food contaminated by ethylene, will make people dizziness, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, memory loss, etc., can also lead to severe anemia.

Ceramic utensils because there is no metal composition, so the sauce and so will not react with it, is suitable for picking up the containers. But at present some ceramic material appliances will have glazing habits, glass storage container so the choice of ceramic products, try to choose no glaze ceramic,glass storage container  because some glaze will exist in the case of excessive metal. That is, when the purchase of as little as possible to choose colorful or pattern a lot of ceramics, try to choose the background clean net color ceramic containers.

For sauces and other condiments, the most suitable should be used to install glassware. glass storage container Because the properties of glassware is stable, glass storage container it is not prone to chemical reaction, will not affect the quality of seasonings. Mentioned above is soy sauce and other direct use for cooking spices, for star anise and other dry goods, the most important thing is to create a dry environment. After buying back should be installed with a sealed container, stored in a dry environment.

Because the oxidation of oil at high temperatures will be fast,glass storage container so be careful not to put edible oil directly on the stove next to, although very convenient, but the stove of high temperature is easy to make edible oil deterioration. Soy sauce and other ingredients containing oil and fat sauce is the same.

In the glass container production plant,glass storage container  the general production equipment include: furnace, material, the ranks of the machine, annealing furnace, conveyor line, inspection machine and packaging machine. How to efficient and orderly connected to the above equipment to make it more productive efficiency, which is the industrial 4.0 inside the information system to achieve the effect.

 The goal of the information system is to collect data from each device in the production line. When the yield is low, we need to confirm where the product is lost, glass storage container when the loss, what causes the loss. Through the data system analysis, the formation of guidance documents to achieve how to improve the efficiency of production methods. For example: the product in the cold end inspection machine removed, the system automatically classifies the various types and quantities of defects, glass storage container combined with the previous process to reduce the defect generated method to targeted to improve product yield.

When the production is relatively high, we would like to know more about the key production targets (eg, productivity, energy consumption, downtime, etc.) to better optimize the efficiency of the entire plant. glass storage container At present, there are many information systems, glass storage container but they need a lot of access to existing factory hardware equipment information to achieve automatic analysis.