Glass Plate Can be safe to use

- Sep 04, 2017-

Not all glass bowls can be used to steam the eggs, Glass Plate and some glass bowls may burst if heated, and may even cause wounding events.

1, the current market of glassware mainly ordinary glass, Glass Plate tempered glass and heat-resistant glass three categories. Ordinary glass of course can not be used for heating, and tempered glass heat resistance is limited, only heat-resistant glass can be used for heating.

2, heat-resistant glass has a good high temperature and temperature quenching and rapid change characteristics, suitable for food processing containers, can be directly into the microwave and oven use.

3, because the heat-resistant glass is not clear and unified quality standards and related signs, Glass Plate and some operators in this case intends to confuse the concept of ordinary glass and tempered glass function exaggerated, and even the emergence of ordinary glass, Glass Plate tempered glass posing as heat-resistant glass Irregular behavior.

4, heat-resistant glass temperature difference of about 120 degrees, but in the heating process will not blew, only made of this glass is suitable for heating, Glass Plate even with microwave and electric oven heating are relatively safe.

The value of tempered glass lies in its safety and strength, unlike the brittle glass fragile, tempered glass broken, into a granular, not easy to hurt. Glass Plate As the product itself does not contain lead, Glass Plate chromium. Thickness, light weight, faster heat transfer, more storage space.

Tableware flower pattern is made by hand decals on the back of glass tableware, high temperature heating, so that the pattern into the glass tableware, durable, will not decolorize fade,Glass Plate but not because of heating and lead to harmful substances seepage, can feel at ease use. Is very healthy and reliable choice.

The fortified glassware is safe and safe to use in the microwave oven, Glass Plate oven, dishwasher, disinfecting cupboard on the use of tableware, to bring you a sense of modern fashion life experience.