glass cup Of the precautions

- Sep 04, 2017-

Double glass design and production, it is derived from the needs of human life. glass cup Due to some of the characteristics of the glass material, glass cup when the cup inside the liquid temperature is too high or too low, the traditional glass is often due to the temperature is too high or too low, so that can not be held by hand, careless, Double-layer glass through the use of double-layer structure to solve this problem, reducing the thermal conductivity of the cup body, while enhancing the comfort at the same time, but also enhance the glass insulation effect,

In addition to human design, double glass also has a very good aesthetic value. Transparent texture combined with double-layer structure, glass cup almost sublimation of tea drinking water into a dynamic artistic behavior. Especially in the tea, the bright color of the tea, the tender and soft tea, tea in the whole process of drying up and down through the leaves gradually stretch, glass cup through the effect of a unique cup body, to give users a very Taste the visual enjoyment.

Glass can be seen everywhere in our lives, for the use of the glass, everyone may have their own views, but for the glass of many life tips you may not understand, the following by the Shandong glass manufacturers for us to introduce glass The magical effect of the cup: identification of milk quality.

Buy the milk (not cooked or microwave heated) quickly into the clean transparent glass, and then slowly tilt the glass, if there is a thin milk film to stay in the inner wall of the cup, and do not hang cup, glass cup easy to use water Washed down, that is raw milk fresh. This milk is sent to the processing plant in a short time, and the total number of bacteria is very low.

If the glass on the milk film is not uniform, glass cup and even visible small particles hanging in the cup wall, and difficult to clean, it shows that milk is not fresh enough.

1, the amount of water is not easy to fill over, to prevent the screw when the cover overflow, there is the risk of scalding. Double glass should be placed in infants and young children can not touch, so as not to burn;

2, add hot drinks due to pay attention to avoid burns, glass cup because the role of heat, add hot drinks cup outside the body and will not have a fever;

3, to avoid knocking, falling, collision and strong impact, otherwise it will cause the cup body deformation, lower insulation effect;

4, vacuum insulation Cup Do not add toxic or aggressive substances;

5, to avoid microwave oven and other forms of direct heating;

6, clean double glass do not use alkaline bleach or chlorine detergent cleaning;

7, do not use in addition to beverage insulation, glass cup cold storage function other than the use;

8, do not double glass placed in the fire near the fire, glass cup otherwise it will cause deformation of the resin sector discoloration, insulation effect is reduced.