Glass-ceramics preparation methods

- Apr 05, 2018-

Glass-ceramics preparation methods include bulk crystallization method (melting method), sintering method, sol-gel method, and the like. At present, domestic methods that have been industrially applied are the first two.

(1) Monolithic crystallization

1) Form crystal nuclei in glass by adding nucleating agent or UV irradiation

2) After the heat treatment, the crystal nuclei grow up, and the other production processes are the same as ordinary glass.

Process: Melting and molding, crystallization before processing, crystallization heat treatment, processing of glass-ceramics

Currently widely used in induction cooker stove, concave glass-ceramic refers to the shape of a concave, similar to the status of the glass-ceramic glass. The main use of the crystallized glass plate is mainly to use high-power commercial induction cookers and home-use induction cookers. With the rise of gas prices, rising costs of the food and beverage industry, and people’s understanding of cooking without open flames, there has been an increase in the number of users of household cookers. The sales of concave glass-ceramics also increased accordingly.