- May 28, 2020-

 Frosting is a process that makes an object with a smooth surface become non-smooth, so that the light is irradiated on the surface to form a diffuse reflection. The frosting treatment in chemistry is to grind the glass with abrasives such as emery, silica sand, pomegranate powder, etc., or manually, to make a uniform and rough surface. You can also use hydrofluoric acid solution to process the surface of glass and other objects. The product becomes frosted glass. The scrub in beauty is to exfoliate with scrub. Although the effect is good, it is not commonly used, and it should be determined according to your skin condition. Too many times of scrubbing will cause the new cells of the skin to be “grinded” to death before forming a self-protective film, and pathogens such as outside bacteria will take advantage of it, making delicate skin more vulnerable to external damage such as ultraviolet rays.