Five differences between whether the glass bottle is produced by manual machine or row machine

- Jun 24, 2020-

The production process of glass wine bottles has two processes: manual machine and row machine. The produced glass bottles have certain differences. You can refer to the following points when distinguishing;

1. The lining machine process of the die line and the glass bottle mold line is in a straight line, while the manual machine is not necessarily in a straight line.

2. The cooling and bottom printing machine of the bottom of the glass bottle produces clearly, but the manual machine is not very clear and obvious.

3. Because the manual machine is water-cooled, and the assembly line process is a combination of air and air cooling, the smoothness and uniformity of the glass bottle bottles produced by the machine is smoother and more uniform than the manual machine. The bottle wall is clear and the transparency is good.

4. The bottom of the glass bottle produced by the manual machine can not see the bulkhead print, while the line machine line process can see the obvious bulkhead print.

5. Several glass bottles are put together, and the bottles in the assembly line process are neat.

Generally speaking, the production process of the glass bottle process line is much better than the glass bottle produced by the manual machine. It can adapt to the automatic production of the filling and sealing machine.