Do you know what materials a wine glass has?

- Mar 18, 2020-

There are various types of red wine glasses on the market. Do you know what the materials are? Maybe we are still confused when choosing wine glasses, relying on our own subjective consciousness instead of choosing the quality of the materials. Then, today, I will show you what materials are available for wine glasses?

There are two main types of red wine glasses that we use daily. One is crystal glass and the other is ordinary glass. Some people may be confused. They are made of glass. What is the difference? If you think so, you are wrong. Now, why wonder? Read on. This is the difference between crystal glass and ordinary glass.


Tap lightly or hit the crystal glass with your hand, it can make a crisp sound, and the sound of lingering in the air, the collision sound we see in the movie between the shots at the reception and the high-end banquet is This crisp sound, and ordinary glass is not like the sound of crystal glass, but very dull and short.


In the same style, the weight of the crystal glass material is different from that of ordinary glass material. The crystal glass wine glass will make you feel very light. The reason for the lightness is that it is thin because of artificial blowing, and ordinary glass. The red wine glass feels very heavy in the hand, because it is made by machine, unlike the thinness of artificial blowing.


Rotate the crystal wine glass against the light, and you will find that it is like an exquisite handicraft. It is white, crystal clear and reflects the charming multicolored light. But ordinary glass wine glasses will have a big gap in this aspect. A large glass of red wine will be full of bubbles, and its color will be darker than crystal glass.

The selection of wine glasses is not an easy task. For this professional method of distinguishing materials, we are not clear. It can only be identified by this method that can be observed by the naked eye. I hope it will help you.