Distillation of whiskey

- Apr 16, 2018-

In general, distillation has a concentrated effect, so when the low-alcohol "Beer" formed after the fermentation of wheat or cereals, still need to go through the distillation step to form whisky, then the whiskey alcohol concentration is about 60 Between 7% and 70% are called "new wines," and the distillation methods used for wheat and cereals are different. The malt whiskies made from wheat are single distilled, ie they are treated in a single distillation vessel. Distillation process, and after the second distillation, the condensate will be taken out of the head and only the middle “Heart” part will be the new whisky.

In addition, the whisky made from cereals adopts a continuous distillation method. Two distillation vessels are used to perform two consecutive stages of distillation in a serial manner. Basically, each winery selects the amount of “wine”. There is no fixed and uniform proportion standard, which is entirely determined by the winery requirements of each winery. In general, the proportion of “wine spirit” of each winery is controlled between 60% and 70%, and some wineries are Make high-quality whisky and use it with the highest purity. Such as the world-renowned Macallan single malt whisky is the same, that is, only take 17% of the "booze" to use as a new wine for whiskey.