Demystifying the difference between red wine glasses and white wine glasses is worth a look

- Apr 30, 2020-

【Classification of wine stemware】

According to different purposes, it can be roughly divided into four categories: red wine glass, white wine glass, sweet wine glass and sparkling wine glass.

According to different regions and types, they can be divided into Bordeaux glasses, Burgundy glasses, champagne glasses and Porter / Sherry glasses.

【White wine glass characteristics】

White wine does not need to be oxidized like red wine. Because white wine does not have the tannins in red wine, the taste of white wine will appear sweeter and lighter. This flavor is best enjoyed after cooling down, the temperature around 7 degrees Celsius is just right. Lower temperature will reduce the aroma and flavor of the wine, so the mouth of the white wine glass will be smaller and narrower to reduce the wine's exposure to the air. To ensure the ice-cold temperature of the white wine, the wine glass needs a taller and thicker glass to facilitate the tasters to hold.

【Red wine glass characteristics】

Red wine glasses can expose wine to more oxygen. They also have a wider mouth and a shorter and rounder body, which allows the wine to be exposed to the air more widely. The glass of red wine glasses is usually longer, so that the taster can shake the wine before drinking to further oxidize it. The shaking of the wine glass can release the aroma of the wine, so that the taster can smell a more complex aroma.