Common wine glass type

- Apr 28, 2020-

Wine is now a very common drink in restaurants, but in the face of the assortment of wine glasses and cups, is it indistinguishable what kind of wine should be equipped with? Come, let's take a look at some common glass types of wine with Renee friends!

Butterfly champagne glasses, popular in the 1930s, were the era of the great Gatsby. This champagne glass also has an alias called "The Left Breast of Countess Pompadour", because this butterfly champagne is rumored to be customized according to the left chest shape of Louis XV's mistress Madam Pompadour. It ca n’t be verified, but what can be verified is that in 2014, the world-famous supermodel Kate Moss celebrated his fortieth birthday. The champagne glasses used by all guests were made by the art master Jane Freud based on her left chest model. of.

This cup shape is very beautiful, but it is not practical enough. Because the mouth of the glass is too large, it is easy to spill liquor, and the bubbles are also easy to dissipate. At the same time, the aroma cannot be condensed, which has a great influence on the taste of sparkling wine. So slowly in the 1960s, butterfly champagne was slowly replaced by flute champagne glasses, but now we still choose butterfly champagne glasses when we make champagne towers at wedding receptions or celebrations.

The flute-shaped champagne glass is still used today because it avoids some of the weaknesses of the butterfly-shaped champagne glass, but there is a problem that the opening is too small and it is not conducive to smelling the fragrance, so many people will choose the glass of white wine when tasting sparkling wine type. There are also some champagne or other sparkling wine manufacturers that are more open in design and more conducive to smelling and tasting cups. For example, Krug Champagne launched the Joseph Champagne glass named after the founder of their winery in 2012. They believe that this type of cup is more conducive to gathering aroma and easier to clean. This type of cup has not been widely popularized, but it is a trend ~

Next, let's talk about the types of cups of still wine.

First of all, what we see is the most standard ISO cup, the international standard wine tasting cup, the standard capacity is 215 ml. This is a versatile cup type. Whether it is red, white wine, sparkling wine or fortified wine, spirits can be used to taste. It is widely used for professional tasting, but it is relatively rare in daily life and restaurant wine packages. Because this type of cup can reflect the appearance of wine more objectively.

Then, let's take a look at the more common red wine glasses and white wine glasses ~

The appearance of the glass shape of red wine and white wine is very similar, like various forms of tulips, the core difference is the size of the belly and the size of the opening. In general, red wine glasses are relatively larger in belly and opener than white wine glasses. Because the aroma of most red wines is relatively more intense, the big belly and the big opening are also more conducive to sobering up, speeding up the oxidation of the wine, and making the aroma more revealing. So whether to choose a big belly or an open mouth is determined by the wine itself, whether it is light or full, etc. Usually full-bodied and full-bodied wines, we will choose Bordeaux cups, while elegant and refined wines, we recommend Burgundy cups.