Cocktail Glass most commonly used

- Sep 04, 2017-

Cocktail glass is also called Ma Tin Ni Cup, Cocktail Glass which is the most commonly used cup of cocktails. It is also the most used cup of short drink cocktails. Martini wine (Martini) wine prototype is a gin plus a wine, the first sweet to the main, the choice of sweet and sour wine as a deputy material. Among the many cocktails, "Martini" is the evolution of the fastest transition and walk in the popular tip of a cocktail.

Here recommended Libbey, Cocktail Glass different series of cocktail glasses are very beautiful and practical. For nearly two centuries, Libby has designed, produced and sold glassware, and has become the world's second largest manufacturer of glassware (estimated). Libbey Vina Martini Glass, Libyan na Martini Cup, 12 ounces of capacity, two-body molding, elegant style, classic style, Cocktail Glass guide the fashion trend.

Cocktail (cocktail) is a mixed drink, is two or more than two kinds of wine or drink, fruit juice, soft drinks mixed with a certain nutritional value and appreciation of the value.

Cocktails are usually rum, wine, agave, vodka, whiskey, brandy and other spirits or wine as a base wine, together with fruit juice, egg white, bitter, milk, Cocktail Glass coffee, sugar and other auxiliary materials, to stir Or shake a mixture of drinks, and finally can be used lemon slices, fruit or mint leaves as a decoration.

To different base wine, different materials from the deployment of colored cocktails, Cocktail Glass with the glasses also have their own characteristics.

Old Glass (Old Fashioned Glass), sometimes referred to as the Rock Cup (Rock Glass or On the Rock Glass) Cup body short, wall thickness. Shape cylindrical, is a large type of flat cup. Cocktail Glass Originally the British drink whiskey glass, suitable for drinking high concentrations of alcohol cocktail short drink.

Also known as long drink cup (Long Drink Glass capacity specifications between 180ml-300ml, but the most common cup of 224ml cup is commonly used to carry a variety of distilled wine and soft drinks cocktails, mineral water and carbonated drinks. (Collins glass), also known as high cup, Cocktail Glass its specifications capacity of 240-360 ml, is a cylindrical, cup height long large glass, for the sale of "golden Tang" and other long drinks mixed cocktail , The use of Colin Cup, the drinking method is usually inserted a straw.

First of all, different cups in cocktails usually correspond to different cocktail practices, such as: weight, recipe, long drink or short drink, add a piece of ice or a few ice and so on. Cocktail Glass Especially in the classic cocktail, the more stringent requirements. And even some cups, is designed for specialized cocktails, the following will be detailed, quite interesting.

Secondly, the cup type is about ten thousand, people seek more design sense. So I think just look like the difference between the cup is somewhat out of date, it is recommended from the weight or the original prototype classification to distinguish.

Finally, mention the difference between a good cup and a bad cup. Every time the shop broke a cup, my heart is in the blood. In general the cup is mainly crystal cup and glass of the points, Cocktail Glass the former is good, the latter is poor. Crystal cups thinner, more brittle, more transparent, better thermal conductivity, meaning that can not be separated from the ice in the cocktail more ice. In addition, the cup of crystal cups usually do not have a glass cup along a circle raised, mainly cold cutting process,Cocktail Glass which in the taste or quite a big impact. Of course, the more times the glass, there will be signs of seams obvious, thin and thick, not clear enough to even measure and so on and so on.