Can Sweet White Wine Use Sweet Wine Glass

- May 23, 2020-

Use white wine glasses when drinking white wine, red wine glasses when drinking red wine, and flute glasses when drinking champagne; Burgundy knows that there are special glasses for Burgundy, Bordeaux has special glasses for Bordeaux, and more One kind. For those who are just beginning to be interested in wine, do they have to prepare so many glasses? For people who are basically impossible to become wine fans, how many kinds of cups are enough? Of course, it is better to have a special cup and more use!

White wine glass with a capacity of 6oz / 180ml. White wine glass. Usually tends to be tulip-shaped, which is slightly smaller than the capacity of red wine glasses, because white wine has temperature considerations, when drinking, the amount of wine poured should not be too much, just a few mouthfuls, drink after drinking again, if the amount of wine For more than half a glass, for a long time, due to the increase in temperature, the liquor left in the glass will deteriorate in taste and aroma.