Beer glass Master the correct cleaning method

- Sep 04, 2017-

The cleanliness of the glass is particularly important for the beer tasting, which directly affects the taste and aroma of the beer. Compared with the ordinary glass, Beer glass both from the shape, or from the material, or cleanliness, the beer cup has a higher demand, so when cleaning the beer cup, the ordinary glass that set of methods Do not think it is lazy, and only master the correct cleaning method, in order to better enjoy the delicious beer.

First of all, the new beer cups need to be thoroughly cleaned before use, disinfection is also very necessary, but do not use the method of boiling water hot, Beer glass so easy to damage the beer cup and even lead to rupture. The correct way should be to soak the beer cup in vinegar or lemonade solution 1 to 2 hours, so that acidic substances to eliminate a variety of micro-organisms, but also remove the film on the wall of the film, and then rinse thoroughly with water, And wipe the inner and outer walls of the beer cup with a clean wipe. Beer glass In addition, it is best to use the backlight to confirm whether the cup is clean and translucent.

Under normal circumstances, for their own use of ordinary glass, Beer glass you may just rinse with water that is to give up, if the guests used beer mug it? Not so simple! How can the maximum degree of washing beer cup at the same time play a protective role? In fact, Beer glass the beer cup used is nothing more than handprints, Beer glass residual wine stains or other markings (such as lipstick) and so on, and its focus on the cleaning site should be the bottom of the beer glass wall, cup and the outer wall of the handheld.

If you have just finished a wine tasting, Beer glass the number of cups to be cleaned is high, you can consider using a cup washing machine. At this point you just like the usual dishwashing operation can be, it is worth noting that the beer cup to maintain a certain spacing, so you can avoid the cup was broken, and should use the most appropriate (the shortest time) settings. If the stain is not obvious enough, Beer glass then try to avoid the use of cleaning agents, and reduce the heat drying operation. Beer glass When the end of the cleaning, you must first open the door of the washing machine to heat, and finally immediately remove the beer cup, do not love the hair with a clean wash towel dry inside and outside the cup wall. Of course, from the long term to consider, we'd better use the method of hand washing beer mug, which is also to better protect the beer mug.

First with warm water (to avoid the water temperature is too high) rough rinse the inner and outer walls of the beer cup, and then add a mild odorless detergent (if the stain is not obvious, you can not). Beer glass Carefully hold the cupcass, with a soft hair brush or sponge gently scrub beer inside and outside the cup and bottom. And then soak the whole cup in warm water, and finally the beer cup rinse.