Attention when shooting

- Jun 22, 2020-

The wine bottle should pay attention to the following four points when shooting:

    1. Due to the transparent or semi-transparent nature of the craft wine bottle, and the smooth surface that is easy to reflect, the direct lighting is generally not used when the light is used, but the method of indirect lighting

   2. When shooting, don't make the shadow of the camera reflect on the craft wine bottle. You can use a 50cm square piece of black paper with a hole in the middle. When placed in front of the camera, the shadow can be eliminated.

   3. When shooting color films, a large sheet of color paper can be used as the background. The upper end of the paper is nailed to the wall, and the lower end of the paper hangs about a foot in front of the table. The craft wine bottle is placed on the paper. The light source can be placed behind the background to create a backlight effect.

   4. When photographing craft wine bottles in the window, you should shoot from the interior to the outside of the window, using the backlight from the outside to show the transparent texture of the craft wine bottle

Bottle packaging needs to be improved in the outdoor market:

  After a long period of development and evolution, although new packaging materials have continuously appeared in the material, its capacity is relatively stable and unchanged. For example: the basic capacity of wine bottles is maintained at 750ML, liquor bottles are basically maintained at about 500ML, beer bottles are mainly 620ML and so on.

   In recent years, with the rise of outdoor tourism, young people are happy to experience life outdoors. As the main market force in the future of the wine industry, the consumption habits and market behavior of young people decide that companies use packaging. Although some manufacturers have launched small-capacity bottles in the early years. However, apart from some metal hip flasks, no manufacturers have designed for the outdoor market. Which is suitable for a family of three or two or three friends to make 100-200ML liquor bottle market is widely used. If it is properly improved in carrying, it will be great.