Are soda lime glasses toxic

- Apr 06, 2020-

As a daily glass, soda-lime glass is relatively safe and reliable, and will not cause adverse effects on the body. Soda-lime glass is a silicate glass, which has relatively good chemical stability and Better thermal stability. As a normal daily use, it has no toxic and side effects, does not cause adverse effects on health, and its stability is relatively good.

There will be more types of glasses in our lives, and the effects of different glasses will be different. However, recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a document to urgently stop the ordinary glass packaging. Defects in the packaging will directly affect the use of glass, so many people will worry about whether the use of glass will be affected What about the impact? Today I will give you a detailed introduction to family drinking water. Let ’s find out if soda lime glass is toxic!

What is soda lime glass

Under the premise of understanding soda-lime glass, let's first understand what is Nakai glass. Soda-lime glass is mainly one of silicate glass, which is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, calcium oxide and sodium oxide. Such as commonly used flat glass, bottles, cans, bulbs and so on. Sodium oxide increases the thermal expansion coefficient of the glass and reduces the thermal stability, chemical stability and mechanical strength of the glass, so the proportion cannot be introduced too much, generally not more than 18%. Sodium oxide is generally introduced in the form of soda ash during the production of glass.

The main role of calcium oxide in glass is to increase the chemical stability and mechanical strength of the glass, but when the content is higher, it can increase the crystallization tendency of the glass and make the glass brittle. The content of calcium oxide in general glass does not exceed 12.5%. Usually introduced through calcite, limestone, chalk, precipitated calcium carbonate and other raw materials.

So is the glass toxic? The answer is non-toxic, because the main ingredients are the melt of silicon dioxide, calcium silicate and sodium silicate. The daily necessities made with it are relatively safe products on the market. When using a glass, we need to pay attention that the glass is relatively hard and brittle, the strength is not very high, and the thermal conductivity is poor, so when using a soda-lime glass, Pour a little hot water first, then pour the bottle, then pour hot water.