Are lead-free glasses the same as ordinary glasses

- Apr 08, 2020-

The two have the following differences:

1. The ingredients are different. Lead-free glass generally contains potassium, mostly high-end crafts and marked on the outer packaging; leaded glass contains lead, that is, crystal glassware common in some supermarkets and stalls, and its lead content can reach 24% .

2. Different refractive index. Lead-free glass has better refraction than traditional leaded crystal glass, and it more perfectly shows the refractive performance of metal glass; for example, various decorative pieces, crystal wine glasses, crystal lamps, etc. Into.

3. Different heat resistance. The glass can generally withstand very high temperatures, but generally has poor resistance to extreme cold and heat. Lead-free crystal glass is a glass with a high coefficient of expansion, which is more resistant to extreme cold and heat. If you use boiling water in a particularly cold lead-free glass, it will easily burst.

4, impact resistance is different. Lead-free glass is more tough and impact resistant than leaded crystal glass.