Application of Color Elements in Product Design of Glass Wine Bottles

- Jun 10, 2020-

Color is an element in the packaging of glass wine bottles, which conveys packaging emotions. The traditional liquor packaging is dominated by red, yellow, and gold. It is now difficult to form a visual impact, and it is impossible to leave a deep mark in consumers' hearts.  

Nowadays, among the many liquor packaging, liquor brands such as "Yanghe" and "Live Brew" have their unique packaging colors that stand out from the competition. The blue classic of Yanghe is dominated by blue. This package fully reflects the cultural demand of "Yanghe" wine to return to the sea. Like Yanghe, the same thing is the "live brew". The packaging has a green background. It is accompanied by a flowing "live" word, which accurately reproduces the core of the "live brew" green culture, forming a very strong product external characteristic, which corresponds to the inner core of the "live brew" brand.  

Personalized color positioning is becoming an innovative point of common choice for everyone. The visual impact of color breaks through the packaging of liquor, passionate red, mature and steady dark brown, and beige, white, black and so on.