Anti-ultraviolet laser, anti-infrared laser, anti-blue laser, anti-green laser, anti-blue laser

- Dec 03, 2020-

Product Classification: Acrylic PMMA, Polycarbonate PC

Product color: grass green, army green, yellow green, dark green, emerald green, brown green, orange red, brown red

Prominent selling point: It can protect the laser and strong light of a specific band in all directions, without being restricted by direction.

     The protection level is high, uniform and stable, and it effectively attenuates the damage of strong laser to human eyes.

Product classification: Acrylic PMMA board, the maximum specification is 1000*1280, 1005*1350

Polycarbonate PC board, maximum size 1220*1820, 1220*2440

Product differences:

①Difference in protection level

Acrylic PMMA board, high transparency, medium protection level above OD4+;

Polycarbonate PC board, average transparency, high protection level OD6+.

②Physical performance difference

Acrylic PMMA board does not have explosion-proof function, is not resistant to bending, and is brittle.

Polycarbonate PC board, with super explosion-proof function, bending resistance, bending resistance, flame retardant.

③Color difference

Acrylic PMMA, grass green, yellow green, brown green, dark green, orange red

Polycarbonate PC, army green, emerald green, turquoise, brownish red


Laser shields, laser protective windows, laser protective glass (acrylic PMMA, polycarbonate PC: grass green, yellow-green, dark green, brown-green, orange) can fully protect specific wavelengths of laser and strong light to prevent laser damage Eye damage can also prevent splashes from laser equipment from injuring human bodies or other objects during laser welding, cutting, and marking. Its optical safety performance fully meets GJB1762-93 "Physiological and Sanitary Standards for Laser Protective Glasses", and its protection level reaches 0D4+.

The laser energy is highly concentrated, which is very harmful to the eyes, and even has the risk of blindness. Therefore, laser equipment must be equipped with laser protective plates, laser protective glasses, and laser protective windows.

Specifications and dimensions can be processed, cut, chamfered, and drilled according to customer requirements.

Normal size: 1000*1280*5mm 1005*1350*5mm Material PMMA

1220*1820*5mm 1220*2440*5mm material PC