Anti-impact glass, anti-smash and explosion-proof glass

- Dec 15, 2020-

In order to ensure the safety of some large places, it is necessary to choose anti-impact glass. Anti-impact glass is a safe and guaranteed bulletproof glass. This kind of glass can greatly improve its security effect, protect personal and property safety, and prevent terrorists. Or the gangsters' rampant actions to ensure safety.

Anti-smashing and impact-resistant glass refers to the special glass that has the characteristics of glass. When hammer-type tools are used for hammering, the glass itself does not have a special glass that has a penetrating hole. Anti-smashing and impact-resistant glass can prevent bad intentions or terrorists. Retaliation is classified according to the level of anti-smashing ability, divided into four levels: A, B, C, and D.

The feature of anti-smashing glass is that it has transparent glass, but it can also be very good and effective anti-smashing. The anti-smashing glass used in some public security, jewelry showcase and other industries contains polyethylene terephthalate layer. It can be seen that its anti-smashing index is extremely high, and the application of this glass in modern society is very extensive.

Anti-smashing glass is a composite product. The purpose of anti-smashing glass is to better play its greater role. Anti-smashing glass gradually replaces ordinary bulletproof glass. It is stronger and more reliable than the original bulletproof glass.

In the modern construction industry, the material of anti-smashing glass has gradually been widely used as a new type of building material. The buildings made of anti-smashing glass are novel and beautiful and are deeply loved by everyone. The thinning of anti-smashing glass will be the market in the future. Mainstream products.

The anti-smashing and impact-resistant glass has undergone repeated experiments and research by professional scientific researchers. Its products not only have the ability to resist impact, but also have the performance of impact resistance. If the glass is broken, its main structure will not fall apart. Only small net-like particles are formed, effectively avoiding personal injury.