American Whisky

- Apr 10, 2018-

The main methods of US whiskey classification are: according to the basic production process (pure whiskey, mixed whisky, light whisky), according to the use of cereals (Bourbon, rye whiskey, corn whisky, wheat whiskey, malt whiskey) in accordance with the fermentation Process Division (Physmic Whiskey, Sweet Malt Whisky), division according to the process of filtration (Tennessee whisky), classification according to national regulatory system (bonded whisky), classification by personality (single barrel whisky, small batch bourbon, vintage whisky) .

The corn and other cereals are used as raw materials. They are produced in the southern United States. They are made from commissariat corn and used as raw materials for fermentation. After fermentation, they are distilled and placed in smoked oak casks for 2-3 years.

When adding a certain amount of distilled water to add and dilute when bottling, American whisky does not have the strong smoky flavor of Scotch Whisky, but has a unique oak fragrance.