Advantages of laminated glass Can the laser engraved glass be laminated?

- May 31, 2020-

Laminated glass is one of the safety glasses.Generally, tempered glass is used for further processing.The fragments formed after being impacted will not fall to the ground due to the presence of the film.The safety performance is one grade higher than ordinary tempered glass. The doors, windows and curtain walls of the building use laminated glass. In addition to safety performance, laminated glass also has the following three advantages.

        1. Excellent sound insulation performance

Most of the laminated glass used in architectural glass uses EVA film.After the lamination process, the glass is strengthened in thickness.At the same time, EVA film can also reduce noise by reducing the sound amplitude. Buildings generally use EVA laminated glass as the door and window material.

        Second, it can filter ultraviolet rays

The glass itself has a certain ultraviolet filtering function, and when EVA laminated glass is used, its filtering performance can be as high as 99% .In order to enhance lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows are generally used at the connection between the living room and the balcony. It is easy to cause aging of furniture, and the use of curtains will reduce daylighting.

        3. Good energy saving performance

Because the laminated glass made of EVA film can effectively reduce the penetration of sunlight, the darker the color and the lower the light transmittance, the stronger the ability of the laminated glass to block heat. Therefore, if you have enough light in your home, you might as well choose laminated glass with medium light transmittance (50% to 70%).

Mingchen 3D Technology's laser-engraved glass can be toughened or glued, and with special dimming glass or LED lighting, it can achieve a good display effect. Both aesthetics and safety are considered.