A good wine glass should have these!

- Apr 03, 2020-


This is the first consideration when choosing a wine glass. The old saying is that different types of wine are suitable for different shapes of wine glasses. You don't need to collect all types of wine glasses (in fact it is difficult), but at least red wine glasses, white wine glasses and sparkling wine glasses.

Red wine glass: Generally speaking, red wine is suitable for large-capacity wine glasses with wide belly and narrow mouth. Because red wine is fermented with skin, it is rich in aromatic substances and tannins. The wide glass belly increases the contact area between red wine and air, which is conducive to the complex aroma and flavor of red wine. The narrow mouth of the cup is good for holding the aroma in the cup and making it easier to smell. In addition, this cup shape makes the shaker (the purpose of the shaker is to make the flavor of the wine fully displayed) more convenient. Red wine glasses are divided into Bordeaux Wine Glass and Bourgogne Wine Glass. The Bordeaux glass is long tulip-shaped, suitable for red wines with strong style and heavy tannins; the Burgundy glass is fat and spherical, suitable for elegant and fruity red wines.

      White wine glass: Because the wine is peeled and fermented, in general terms, it is not as complicated as red wine. Therefore, the belly of a white wine glass does not have to be as wide as the belly of a red wine glass, the mouth of the glass does not have to be so narrow, and the capacity of the wine glass can be smaller.

      Sparkling wine glass: The most precious thing about sparkling wine is the continuous, ring-shaped bubbles. You don't need a wide glass belly to develop the aroma, and you don't need to shake the glass. Therefore, sparkling wine should use a slender flute cup or tulip cup to facilitate observation of the beautiful bead ring of sparkling wine.


The color of the wine glass does not affect your taste of the wine, but it does affect your observation of the color of the wine. Viewing the color is the first step in tasting wine. By judging the color tone, clarity and color concentration of the wine, you can have a general understanding of the wine. A good wine glass should be clear and transparent, and it won't affect your judgment of wine color. Colored, patterned, patterned or folded wine glasses are very bad wine glasses. Clear, transparent, simple and round are the qualities of good wine glasses.


The material of the wine glass will also have an influence on the tasting. If you pour it into a plastic wine glass, glass wine glass and crystal wine glass, you will have a different wine tasting experience. The wine glass made of plastic is light and fluffy, with poor texture and unsatisfactory clarity and transparency. Glass made of glass is slightly less transparent. The best wine glass is made of crystal, its transparency is much higher than that of ordinary glass, the glass body is crystal clear, and the texture is very hard. It has a very crisp and pleasant sound when touching the glass. In addition, the microscopic surface of the crystal is not as smooth and flat as glass. This structure helps the wine to form countless small turbulence on the inner wall of the wine glass, which makes the wine smell more fragrant. However, it is necessary to choose a lead-free crystal glass, because the liquor can quickly attach to the lead element and bring it into the liquor. The lead-crystal glass is not good for the body.


A glass with a thick body can cause visual illusions, affecting your observation and judgment of wine color and clarity. Even a crystal cup should be as thin as possible. In addition, the thin glass body allows the liquor to flow into the mouth in the best state to reach the taste buds. At this time, more liquor is in contact with the air in the mouth, and more liquor reacts with the taste buds.


 Sommeliers try not to use small-capacity wine glasses, because the volume of wine is generally 1/3, and shake glasses are also needed. Small wine glasses are not easy to shake or they will be consumed soon. However, Sherry, Port, Desert Wine, etc. generally do not drink too much at one time, you can use small glasses. The optimal capacity for red wine glasses is 12-16 ounces, and the optimal capacity for white wine glasses is 10-12 ounces.

      6.With cup stalks vs without cup stalks

Stemless Wine Tumbler is quite popular now. Some people think that this wine glass is more fashionable and stylish, but in order to have a better wine tasting experience, it is best not to use this flat glass. There are two problems with flat-bottomed glasses: First, you must hold the glass while drinking, so the temperature in your palm will inevitably pass to the liquid in the glass, which will heat up the wine. This is not the case for wines that pay attention to the temperature of the wine. Beauty. The second is that it is easy to leave fingerprints on the glass when holding the glass. Even if you wash your hands, this problem cannot be avoided, and leaving fingerprints will affect our perception of wine. In addition to looking more elegant and beautiful, stemware with stems can avoid the two problems mentioned above.