A few points to note when baking glass lead-free chrome paper

- Nov 05, 2020-

Many glass bottle storage jars are further processed for beauty, such as silk-screen printing, roasted flowers, etc. However, in recent years, glass jar containers exported to the European market must be lead-free chrome paper when baking flowers. The environment is harmless and pollution-free. Many glass bottle firing factories bake glass jars with silk screen and water transfer decals together with lead-free chrome paper, which will directly affect lead-free chrome products. 1. Whether it is printing or roasting flowers, lead-chromium and lead-chromium-free ones must be separated and cannot be in the same warehouse. 2. When the worker operates, the printing ink and machine must have an independent and complete workshop. 3. After decals are attached to glass containers, those containing lead and chromium and those containing no lead and chromium must also be opened separately. 4. Do not mix roasting when entering the baking oven, as this will cause high-temperature air convection to contaminate products containing lead and chromium to products that do not contain lead and chrome pattern paper.