Rectangular Glass Food Storage Container

The rectangular glass food storage container has excellent quality, shiny appearance, beautiful design and no burrs.
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Product Details

Product Description

Rectangular glass food storage containers can be placed in a refrigerator or freezer and then sent directly to a microwave oven for heating. The vented lid means you can keep it open even when the lid gets hot. Or remove the lid and heat the food to 450 ° F in the oven. To ensure air tightness and water tightness.

Product Detail

ItemRectangular Glass Food Storage Container

Rectangular: 330ML: 13.8*10.5*5.3

                     550ML: 16.8*12*6

                     800ML: 19*13.3*6.6

                     1000ML: 20*14*7

                     1300ML: 21*15*7.5

                     1500ML: 22*16*7.5

                     1700ML: 24*17*8.8


Each product supports production according to drawings and OEM.

The lid is also available in a variety of colors and materials.


1. Prevents water from spreading and acts as a seal;

2. Prevent food from losing its original umami when stored;

3. Isolate air to prevent food oxidation (infection)

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