Electric Ceramic Stove Special Cooking Glass Teapot

Product Name: Electric ceramic stove special cooking glass teapot
Glass Type: GLASS Pot
MOQ: 1000 Pieces
Supply Ability: 300000 Piece/Pieces Per Day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union
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1. Will this glass of water blow up? Is it easy to break when someone says glass is thin?

A: heat-resistant borosilicate glass, compared with traditional soda lime glass (thick wall European-style crystal glasses), the molecular structure is more close, only need a smaller thickness can achieve  better strength, thickness of 1.1 mm or so commonly, feel lighter, still strong and durable.

The heat resistance and corrosion resistance of high borosilicate glass cannot be compared with traditional glass,  and the production cost is also higher. The instantaneous temperature difference is - at 20 ℃ to 150 ℃, frozen into the boiling water after 12 hours is no problem,  please rest assured the choose and buy.

2. Why does the cup have a bump?

A: This knot, in the production of professional language, is called "glass droplet", technical lingo is called "explosion". The nodal point at the mouth of the explosion is similar to a convex or small concave mouth, which is the finishing  part of the hand-made glass products after they are fully formed and cut off the excess glass solution.

It is a feature of handmade glass. From this point, you can tell whether the purchased product is a manual blowing process. At the same time, it can also prevent the absolute absorption between the glass fittings. Because heat - resistant glass tea sets are often heated. If the high pressure in the pot cannot be released during the heating process, it is likely to be dangerous if the  high pressure is not released during heating.

3, the cup body to the light to see, vaguely has a circle of the grain, the sound does not feel like ordinary glass,  why?

A: borosilicate glass, as a more advanced glass material, is widely used in chemical medical equipment, as well as European and American cooking utensils. The texture is slightly different from the traditional sodium calcium glass.

Handmade glassware, in order to form even, the master in the blowing process, needs to continuously rotate the  glass embryo, forming stretch marks, this is the manual glass products unique normal process phenomena.

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